Saturday, 19 October 2013

1st update

Well, I'm updating this for my bestfriend because I'm all the way in the UK and she's all the way in Egypt. Well it's also my other bestfriend's birthday, but oh well. Well so we have this week holiday in my boarding school, and I was supposed to go back to Egypt to see my friends but my bitchy sister decided that she wants to see me. so I had to stay with her in the house. Her house is so annoying because it's not hers alone, she has room mates, like they all have rooms in one house so you can't even speak without whispering, okay im exaggerating but you know. Nada, I hate her so much, she's the most annoying person ever like, wtf. I got loads of clothes though, and I'm vegetarian now, I'm also dying my hair red. Other than that, I can't wait to go back to the dorm. Not because I love the dorms or anything, just because I hate it with my sister. And her excessive use for the word 'no', the word no just pisses me off generally. Like OFCOURSE I say no, I mean like "hey would you like some cookies" "no thanks I'm fine" what she does is like "hey this street looks like a s shape" "NO it doesn't this looks like a Z" I swear to god this just happened with my dad and her like 30 minutes ago. Kill. Me. Now. Btw, the cookie example was such a bad example though because like, I never say no to food. A GOOD PART OF MY DAY THOUGH, I GOT THIS AHHMAZIINNGGG COAT AND IT WAS MICHEAL KORS AND IT WAS EXPENSIVE SO I HAD TO PAY HALF AND LIKE OMG. AND I GOT MICROWAVE BUTTER POPCORN FOR WHEN I GO TO THE DORMS. LOL that's basically it. I miss you bye bitch. 

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